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January 13th- Durty Nellies
January 15th- The WC Social Club
February 10th- Union Ale House
March 4th- Mother & Son Dance
March 10th- Countryside Saloon
March 11th- Rep's Place

March 18th- Union Ale House
April 15th- At Work Sports Bar & Grill
April 21st- Union Ale House
April 29th- Color Guard Fundraiser @ AH American Legion

January 17th- Greatest Hits Facebook Livestream
January 31st- A Trip Across America Livestream 
February 5th- Landmark Pub
February 13th- Love Songs Livestream
February 19th- Olde Towne Inn
February 27th- Union Ale House
March 7th- Women of Rock Livestream
March 12th- Pub OK
March 19th- Sugar Skull
March 26th- Landmark Pub
March 27th- Penny Road Pub
April 3rd- Union Ale House
April 11th- Penny Road Pub
April 15th- Arlington Ale House
May 2nd- Penny Road Pub
May 8th- Jimmy D's District
May 21st- Pub OK
May 28th- Landmark Pub
June 4th- Sugar Skull
June 11th- Green Town on The Rocks
June 13th- Covered Bridge Creamery
June 17th- Union Ale House
June 19th- Chicago Loop Sports 
Bar & Grill
June 21st- Make Music Chicago @ Buttercup Park
June 25th- PRIVATE EVENT- Mt. Prospect IL

July 1st- Mt Prospect Lions Club 4th of July Fest
July 3rd- PRIVATE EVENT- Wheaton IL
July 9th- Pub OK
July 11th- A.M.B. Fest @ Penny Road Pub
July 17th- PRIVATE EVENT- Mt. 
Prospect IL
July 23rd- Green Town on The Rocks
July 29th- PRIVATE EVENT- 
Wheeling IL
July 30th- Jimmy D's District
July 31st- Rep's Place
August 7th- PRIVATE EVENT- Mt. Prospect IL
August 20th- 56 Music Fix @ Station 34
August 27th- Covered Bridge Creamery
August 28th- Mt. Prospect Downtown Block Party 
August 28th- Rep's Place
September 4th- Penny Road Pub
October 2nd- Union Ale House
October 8th- Pub OK
October 22nd- Penny Road Pub Halloween Show
November 13th- At Work Sports Bar & Grill
November 20th- Jimmy D's District
November 24th- Union Ale House
December 4th- Penny Road Pub 
December 5th- PRIVATE EVENT- Mt. Prospect 
December 11th- 56 Yule Fix
December 17th- PRIVATE EVENT- Wheeling
December 19th- 20 Bands of Xmas Fest 2021
December 31st- Rep's Place- Rolling Meadows


January 7th- Countryside Saloon
January 15th- Rep's Place
January 21st- Danny's On Douglas
January 22nd- Village Squire West Dundee
January 29th- Union Ale 
February 19th- Arlington Heights American Legion
February 26th- Jimmy D's District
March 5th- Mother & Son Dance @ Prospect HS
March 11th- Countryside Saloon
March 19th- Union Ale House 
March 26th- At Work Sports Bar & Grill
April 8th- County Wine Merchant
April 23rd- PRIVATE EVENT- Long Grove
April 23rd- Rep's Place
May 7th- Union Ale House
May 15th- Covered Bridge Creamery
May 22nd- Covered Bridge Creamery
May 28th- Jimmy D's District
May 30th- Green Town on The Rocks
June 3rd- Covered Bridge Creamery
June 11th- Mt. Prospect Bluesmobile Cruise Nights
June 17th- Union Ale House
June 18th- Outdoor Music Fest @ Countryside Saloon
June 21st- O'Briens Riverwalk Cafe
June 22nd- Green Town on The Rocks
June 24th- Rookies Elgin
June 25th- Mt. Prospect Bluesmobile Cruise Nights
June 26th- Covered Bridge Creamery
July 3rd- Chicago Culinary Kitchen
July 5th- Rookies Huntley
July 9th- Private Event - Arlington Heights
July 9th- Rep's Place
July 17th- Rookies - Elgin
July 17th- Rookies - Huntley
July 19th- Rookies - Huntley
July 21st- Rookies - Elgin
July 22nd- Covered Bridge Creamery
July 23rd- Private Event - Long Grove
July 31st- Salute to Johnny Cash & The Beatles @ Rep's Place
August 5th- Rookies - Huntley
August 6th- Chicago Culinary Kitchen
August 6th- Bar Evolution
August 19th- Green Town on The Rocks
August 20th- Private Event- Arlington Heights
August 21st- 56 Music Fix @ Moose Lodge
August 26th- The Red Barn
August 27th- Rep's Place
September 3rd- Jimmy D's District
September 10th- Bluesmobile Cruise Nights
September 24th- Dance @ Arlington Heights Legion Hall
September 25th- Covered Bridge Creamery
October 21st- Union Ale House
October 22nd- Monster Mash @ St Raymond's
October 29th- At Work Sports Bar & Grill 

November 11th- Doc's Victory Pub
November 12th- Rep's Place
December 2nd- Countryside Saloon
December 17th- Jimmy D's District
December 31st- Beatles tribute @ Rep's Place



January 3rd- Arlington Ale House

February 16th- PRIVATE EVENT

March 15th- Knots Of Love

March 21st- Firewater Saloon(Edison Park)

March 23rd- Acoustic set @ Sam's Place

March 27th- Lamplighter Inn

March 30th- The Red Barn Restaurant & Brewery

May 3rd- PHS Guitar Class Concert

May 27th- PRIVATE EVENT: Barrington IL

May 29th- Lamplighter Inn

June 14th- Mrs. P & Me

June 21st- Make Music Chicago

June 29th- PRIVATE EVENT: Mt. Prospect IL

July 13th- Bluesmobile Cruise Nights

July 27th- Mt. Prospect Downtown Block Party

August 10th- St. Zachary's August Fest

August 17th- The Red Barn Restaurant & Brewery

August 24th- 56 Music Fix @ Sam's Place

September 1st- PRIVATE EVENT: Oregon, WI

September 20th- Mrs. P & Me

October 12th-  Station 34

December 7th- PRIVATE EVENT: Schaumburg IL

December 14th - 56 Yule Fix

December 28th- The Red Barn Restaurant & Brewery


March 3rd- Casey's Safe Haven Fundraiser

March 29th- Lamplighter Inn

April 22nd- Walk & Roll

May 20th- PHS benefit concert


June 30th- Frontier Days

July 12th- Lamplighter Inn

July 15th- Brat Fry/Music Fest

July 26th- Lamplighter Inn

August 12th- St. Zachary's AugustFest

October 8th- PRIVATE EVENT

December 8th- Lemons of Love benefit concert


January 3rd- Mrs. P & Me

February 1st- Mother/Son Knight Out

February 11th- Firewater Saloon-Mt Greenwood

March 6th- Rep's Place

June 6th- Livestream @ Rep's Place

June 7th- Iron and Oak

June 19th- Olde Towne Inn

June 28th- PRIVATE EVENT: Mt Prospect IL

July 4th- PRIVATE EVENT: Mt Prospect IL

July 11th- Jimmy D's District

July 12th- PRIVATE EVENT: Barrington IL

July 19th- Penny Road Pub

July 25th- Whiskey River

July 31st- Covered Bridge Creamery

August 1st- Rep's Place

August 9th- Penny Road Pub

August 15th- Firewater Saloon Mt Greenwood

August 22nd- Covered Bridge Creamery

August 29th- PRIVATE EVENT: Mt. Prospect IL

September 5th- Jimmy D's District

September 6th- Penny Road Pub

September 13th- Penny Road Pub

September 19th- Union Ale House

September 26th- Covered Bridge Creamery

October 4th- Penny Road Pub

October 10th- Jimmy D's District

October 17th- Union Ale House

November 1st- 1950s Facebook Live-stream

November 8th- 1960s Facebook Live-stream

November 15th- 1970s Facebook Live-stream

November 22nd- 1980s Facebook Live-stream

December 6th- The King & Queen Live-stream

December 13th- Live-stream featuring James Lynch

December 20th- Christmas Livestream


January 4th- Arlington Ale House

March 16th- Knots Of Love

March 28th- Lamplighter Inn

April 21st- Walk & Roll

May 6th- Prospect H.S. Guitar Class Concert

May 7th- PRIVATE EVENT @ Shedd Aquarium

June 16th- Bluesmobile Cruise Nights


June 23rd- Church Street Brewery

July 4th- Mt. Prospect Lions Club 4th of July Festival

July 25th- Lamplighter Inn

August 25th- 56 Music Fix

November 10th- Fundraiser for March of Dimes

November 23rd- The Difference & Panda Diplomacy

December 8th- 56 Yule Fix

December 8th- Church Street Brewery

December 9th- PHS Winter Concert

December 26th- Lamplighter Inn

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