lead vocals/rhythm guitar

Jamie has a wide range of musical abilities. She plays bass, guitar, drums, and piano, but she mostly sticks to vocals. She has been active in performing in shows since 7th grade with El Rey Music Center. Jamie has the ability to sing great songs like "Bohemian Rhapsody", but also softer songs like "Stand By Me". Jamie's outstanding voice makes her a great addition to the band.



lead guitar/vocals

Jason formed The Difference in 2014. In High School, he participated with various groups including marching band, where he performed in the 2016 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, as well as orchestra, musical pit, and honors band. Jason also participates with various other groups including Jenny V James & The Flames, Rick Lindy & The Wild Ones, and is a roadie for the group American English. He's also a music instructor at Bach to Rock in Arlington Heights, teaching Guitar, Drums, Piano, and Ukulele to many young aspiring musicians. Jason's skills as a guitarist and as a leader make him a great addition to the band! 


bass guitar

Since he was younger, Drew has had a passion for music. From bass guitar and keyboard, to euphonium and trumpet, Drew’s diverse range of instruments only heightens his ability to play a multitude of styles. The summer before his 8th grade year, Drew saw a street performer playing slap-bass in Vegas and was instantly inspired to pick up the instrument. Drew has participated in such groups as the Prospect Marching Knights, where he plays euphonium. Drew's ability to play a wide variety of instruments makes him an asset to the band.


drum set


Jason has been playing drums for many years now. His drum set journey began with lessons at El Rey Music Center which led to him joining his first band. At school Jason participates in such activities as the marching band, orchestra, and jazz band. Before becoming a permanent member of The Difference, he often filled in with the group, and performed incredibly. Jason continues to wow audiences with his skills and his proficiency on the drums.