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lead vocals/rhythm guitar

Jamie has a wide range of musical abilities. She plays bass, guitar, drums, and piano, but she mostly sticks to vocals. She has been active in performances since 2014 with El Rey Music Center. Jamie has the ability to sing a range of material including vocally-intense songs like "Call Me", but also softer songs like "Crying". Jamie's outstanding voice makes her a great addition to the band.



lead guitar/vocals

Jason formed The Difference in 2014. In high school, he participated with various groups including orchestra, musical pit, honors band, and marching band where he performed in the 2016 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Aside from The Difference, you can also catch him with Rick Lindy & the Wild Ones. Jason has worked with various groups in the area including American English. By day, he is a music instructor at El Rey Music Center and teaches guitar, drums, and piano to young, aspiring musicians. Jason's skills as a guitarist and a leader equip him to lead and thrive in the band.


Jacob Bachorski

bass guitar

Jacob entered the music scene in 2008 as a cellist in his middle school orchestra program. From there, he excelled enough to be placed in a jazz band shortly after as a bassist. Jacob's time in Wheeling High School had endless music opportunities that he took advantage of including their award-winning jazz band, marching band, orchestras, wind symphony, show choir, and musicals. Despite pursuing a career outside of music, he maintains his passion through side projects such as his progressive rock band Eporos. Jacob's love for rock music and diverse music background makes him an excellent fit for The Difference.


Nikko Gonzalez

drum set


Nikko began his musical journey over 10 years ago; like many musicians do, he started off on piano. He later picked up percussion and cello in middle school. His main instruments are now drums and percussion. Nikko has been apart of the award winning Wheeling High School bands, orchestra, musical, and show choir. Early in his career, he has played with musicians such as Victor Garcia, Andrew Lawrence, Haley Reinhart and many more! Nikko studied at Harper College and is now studying Sound Recording Technology at DePaul University. With Nikko’s drumming experience with many groups in different genres, he provides a well-rounded and diverse backbone for the band. 

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